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Thank you for coming to our Links Page! Here are a few websites that we recommend and think you will find useful.

Recycled Mat-ters™ Facebook Page
Here you can follow along with our progress, the events we attend, and new products we refurbish. “Like” us while you are there – we can use all the “likes” we can get, thank you!

Map to Our World Headquarters
Our World Headquarters
Right across from the Gold Crown All Star Baseball Park, this link will help you find and get you to our Processing Plant.

Belmar Sustainable Neighborhood
This link takes you to what’s happening with recycling efforts in the Belmar Neighborhood of Lakewood, Colorado.

City of Lakewood Sustainability Planning
By this link, you can find out what the City of Lakewood, Colorado is doing to bring the City to the forefront of sustainability in the State of Colorado – their Sustainability Plan is at the beginnings of its’ creation and well worth the read.

Colorado Association for Recycling
This association provides a list of companies and non-profit organizations that are a good resource for finding recycling solutions from pickup and drop-off services to planning recycling programs.

Coming to a town near you!!! This recycler does two things: 1. They take ALL of your e-waste that would otherwise end in our landfills. 2. They employ people with disabilities to do it. We support this recycler and their perfect combination solution – you should too.

Quality Engineering Designs
Hard to believe that most company web-sites don’t work (or, at least don’t work like visitors to their site think they should), right? These guys fix web-sites, akin to recycling, but in the digital world. And talk about service. It bothers me (in a good way) that what I want gets implemented before I even get to ask for it to be done. That’s Quality.


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Plant Location: 6000 West Byers Place
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Mailing Address: 265 South Harlan Street
Lakewood, CO 80226

Colorado Association For Recycling, Proud Member

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More Uses
You can use our recycled products with other recycled products for multiple projects. save time , money and the environment.
Don’t Slip!!!

Our Floor Mats are made of real rubber. Unlike vinyl mats that you can slip on, ours make slip-proof connections to any floor; sealed-concrete or tile, even plastic finished wood floors.