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3′ x 10′ Floor Mats

Price: $60.00
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3' x 10' Floor Mat - Standard

Our Standard 3′ x 10′ Floor Mat makes a long hallway safer, providing better traction; businesses use them in walk-in coolers, at shop work-benches and at sales counters; homeowners use them in garages as vehicle side-runners and in hallways and vestibules. Don’t forget one for the shed, too! Buy two: one for inside and one outside.

Our Floor Mats Feature:

  • Perfect size – Doorways, Hallways, Garage and even Shed floors
  • Captures the dirt before it gets to your floors
  • Use one in your SUV
  • It’s O.K. for the dog to sleep on – if you have two dogs, we recommend getting a mat for each one, though
  • Commercial/Industrial Grade Rubber and Nylon Fibers
  • Non -slip surface
  • Colors that will enhance your home or business ambiance

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Our Customers Say:
"Floor mats that don't slip? I breathe a little easier when my customers come into the shop. No more mat slipping - and they're cheaper than the vinyl ones." - John M., Sheridan, CO
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More Uses
Use these as weed blockers in your garden pathways.
Don’t Slip!!!

Our Floor Mats are made of real rubber. Unlike vinyl mats that you can slip on, ours make slip-proof connections to any floor; sealed-concrete or tile, even plastic finished wood floors.